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The Red tour (also known as the North Tour) is a tour for the culture vultures, and explores the area around Cappadocia, giving you a taste of the wide variety of things to do and see. Most of these places could be reached by public transport, but if you are short on time, this tour will allow you to see the highlights with relative ease.
Uchisar  Castle
Uçhisar is the best place to have a full view of all Cappadocia valleys the village. The panorama of the surrounding area is lovely. You will see the Uchisar Castle and the surrounding ancient houses; the scenery is beautiful; the ancient houses are hollowed out into the rocks and form amazing shapes.
Pasabag – Monks Valley
We will then have time to explore the Monks Valley, famed for its three-headed fairy chimneys. This region of is also known as Pasabag, or ‘Pasha’s Vineyard’, as its stunning earth pillars are located within a vineyard.
Devrent  Valley
After a short drive we will stop in the Devrent Valley, famed for its lunar-like landscape of small, pointed fairy chimneys. We will take the time to explore the valley and witness some of its most unusual rock formations.
Love Valley
Love is a universal word, after all, and there is nothing that could be considered remarkable in its resemblance to the female equivalent of these enormous formations in the area.  Love Valley harbours and encompasses incredible sights from the canyons below the vineyards and orchards leading to gigantic fairy chimneys
Avanos Pottery workshop
Our final destination is the small town of Avanos, home to a terracotta industry that dates back to 3000BC. The clay is sourced from the Red River which passes through the town and we will have the opportunity to visit a traditional pottery workshop and see how it is crafted first-hand.
Göreme Open Air Museum
Göreme Open Air Museum is 14 km (9 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Located in the Göreme Historical National Park, the museum consists of churches and monasteries of various sizes made with the carved soft volcanic rocks. It is also possible to see the byzantine church architecture and religious architecture in this area.
Snake (Yilanli) Church
Apple (Elmali) Church
Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise)
Carikli (Sandals) Church
Buckle (Tokali) Church

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