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Cappadocia Blue Tour is a popular sightseeing tour covering the popular attractions and sights of the southern part of Cappadocia such as valleys, fairy chimneys, villages and Kaymaklı Underground City. Majority of the tours are made via professional tour guide and driver.
Keslik Monastery
About 200 monks once lived at this rock-cut Byzantine monastery complex amid its labyrinth caverns, which include living quarters, refectory and kitchen. Above is the main 13th-century chapel with an interior covered in blackened frescoes.
Taskinpasha Madrasah
Taskinpasa Madrasah is located only 20 km from Urgüp on the way to Soganli Valley. It was an Islamic School which was built by Karamanoglu Dynasty in the middle of 14’th century. This building which one distinguished samples of Karaman art havent destructed and maintained their existance. After the restoration which has held recently, the medresseh is still being used as a library.
Sobesos Ancient City
Sobesos Ancient City in Sahinefendi Village is located quite remote to the main sights in Cappadocia en route to Soganli Valley. The ancient city was discovered by some treasure-hunters working in the fields in 2002. Today, you can see the only Roman Ancient City in Cappadocia with the help of researches and excavations. Sobesos despite its small size is one part of this large collection and since the city walls have not yet been discovered.
Soganli Valley
Soganli is the one of the more interesting valleys of Cappadocia. Not only does it have historical value,gorgeous landscapes and cave churches. Most of  cave churches date from the 9th to 13th centuries, although settlement by mankind actually first took place during the Roman era. Turkey’s most famous abandoned village is perhaps Kayakoy on the Mediterranean coast but Soganli also has that eerie vibe, that makes you wonder if the ghosts of earlier residents still lives on.
In the midst of all the fairytale magic of Cappadocia, there lies an overlooked jewel embedded in the valley known as Mustafapaşa. Despite its close proximity to all the major tourist destinations, Mustafapaşa lacks the overwhelming crowds of its neighboring towns. Nestled comfortably in the valley with big sky views and a refreshing down to earth vibe, the pace here is slow and relaxed. There are all sorts of historical treasures to discover.

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